Funeral Order of Service Program

The Funeral Program Site is a good resource to get help in creating and designing a funeral program booklet. There is also a large variety funeral programs and funeral resources to assist you.

Depending on the kind of ceremony you have chosen, the format of a funeral service program will change. If it is a religious ceremony, there are traditional items that are included within the order of service. Be sure to speak with the host of the ceremony to learn of the particular order that will be implemented in the ceremony. One example of a specific order is found in the Catholic ceremony; it consists of a traditional service, with a viewing of the body, a time for communion, and an additional service by the graveside.

In Catholic worship, all in the assembly are encouraged to sing and to participate in the fullest possible way. A funeral program is an excellent way to note lyrics and words for those who may not be familiar with the songs sung.

Prelude music, with an entrance hymn is a conventional way of opening up a funeral service. A scripture reading from a family or close friend will be read and a message of hope and encouragement is given by the officiant. In place of a message, a eulogy may be read. Note that should the service not be religious, other relevant texts exist and may be implemented and read. Either an officiant or close friend may perform a reading or make a speech.

In either service, a short time of sharing of the guest may be opened so that those who have a desire to share a memory about the deceased may freely do so. A video slideshow is a wonderful way to pay tribute to your loved one. Photographs from childhood to adulthood might be included in the video slideshow.

A video slideshow is a powerful tool that might move the funeral attendees in ways simple photographs cannot. Consider a memorial table should you not have the technological abilities or time to create your own slideshow. WIth photographs outlining the frame, a memorial table resembles an elaborate scrapbook.

Photographs of life are often displayed within the funeral or memorial program. This program is indefinite, and will forever serve as a timeless reminder of your loved one’s life.

A great resource for any funeral planning is the Funeral Program Site, a website designed to facilitate the funeral organization process.  This website offers beautiful funeral programs that highlight your loved one’s life, obituary help, poems, readings, and scripture verses.

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